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5684 Beach Ave, Peachland, BC

Just as the summer got off to a late start, so has flight school for the bat pups, Class of 2022. In the past few weeks, reports of downed bats have been on the rise across the Okanagan. Most of them have been juvenile bats, who whether from disorientation or fatigue, have not made it back to their roost, after a night of learning to fly and forage. The best thing is to leave them alone unless they are in danger from pets or people. Many will make their way to safe shelters on their own if left to rest for a short time. If they seem unable to do it on their own, this link shows what you can do:

ALWAYS report any bat scratches or bites you or a pet may have sustained to a medical professional right away. Wash the area thoroughly with soap and warm water and seek medical or veterinary attention within 24 hours.

If the bat in question is in Peachland, or if it appears non-responsive, reach out to BEEPS and we may be able to provide assistance.

Darlene: pr******@be************.com or call 250 767 2143 or Dagmar in**@be************.com

Look but don’t touch!

Post Author: Dagmar White