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Are you noticing more bats around your house or property?  Bat pups are learning to fly at this time of the year and may roost in unusual locations or even on the ground if they cannot make it back to their home roost.  Remember: never touch a bat with your bare hands.  Bats should be left alone to fly off in the evening or within a few days.  If a bat is roosting low down where children or pets are likely to come into contact with them, you can move them.  For information on how to move a bat, please contact the BC Community Bat Program at www.bcbats.cain**@bc****.ca or T. 1-855-9BC-BATS.  In Peachland email in**@be************.com. If you see bats in the evening, please keep your cats indoors as they are very effective predators.  Bats are important wildlife and are protected under the BC Wildlife Act.  Learn more about these amazing creatures at www.bcbats.caLearn more…


Paula Rodriguez de la Vega

Okanagan Region Coordinator, BC Community Bat Program

Toll-free: 1-855-922-BATS (2287) ext.13

Post Author: Dagmar White