These partner organizations and individuals are deserving of recognition for their vital support which comes in many forms. Their generosity and willingness to work with and for BEEPS have resulted in strong relationships, leading to the successful realization of projects and activities. We are very grateful for their ongoing assistance.

Founding Partner

Providing networking and manpower as required.

Fundraising Partner

Fifth-generation orchard business in Summerland,
and hosts to a colony of over 1000 bats.

Peachland Groups and Organizations

Project and maintenance supporter..
Provides safe access to the attic of the Peachland Historic School when requested.
District staff can be relied upon to provide support and advocacy.

Community Media Partners

Digital supporter and reporter of BEEPS activities,. Thanks, Kristen Friesen!
Promotes and reports on BEEPS. Thanks, Barb Aguiar

Individual BEEPS Supporters

Wayne Power, Artist
donates artwork for BEEPS fundraising and promotion.
Carmen Durand, Artist
and a generous financial contributor.