The Bat Education and Ecological Protection Society – BEEPS, was founded in 2015, two years after the restoration of the Historic Peachland Primary School, which annually attracts up to one thousand female bats many of whom will give birth to pups, almost doubling the population each summer.

Thanks to the discovery of this large maternity colony in the attic of the Peachland Historic School, the building was saved from demolition as a protected species habitat. Restored and reopened as the Peachland Visitor Centre, the long-known presence of the bats was formally acknowledged and even highlighted.  The maternity colony has since become a draw for locals and visitors alike, thanks in part to the programs and activities initiated by BEEPS.  The active protection and preservation of bat species in Peachland and beyond is in collaboration with a network of professional, scientific, conservation, and volunteer organizations around the globe.  By educating the public to encourage a greater understanding of these often feared mammals, we hope to nurture these amazing animals who are a vital component of a healthy ecosystem. Learn more about our achievements & programs, then contact us to learn how you can help.

Board of Directors

Our busy directors are passionate about bats and willingly donate their time to developing and delivering programs, events, and activities aimed to educate people of all ages about the importance of protecting and preserving the bats in Peachland, Canada, and around the world. Working with researchers, other community groups, volunteers, and vendors we share and develop new ideas, surpass new challenges, and contribute to the community while we learn, and celebrate successful conservation and other achievements.  I guess you could say we all have a “bat” attitude.

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Be sure to say hi when you see us out and about and ask how you can apply your unique talents and expertise to our team! Make new friends, have a great time and help us help bats. The bats need all of us working together, so we will do all possible to find volunteer opportunities that appeal to your passion and availability. Contact us for more info: vo********@be************.com" target="_blank">vo********@be************.com

Rare sighting of the directors at rest.