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Bats and Agriculture

Bats and Agriculture: Bats are vital to agriculture around the world, saving farmers millions of dollars, and cutting down the amount of toxic pesticides and fertilizers used to protect crops and increase yields. Read more…

Bat Links:

E-Fauna BC: Detailed, scientific information about BC Bats.

E-Fauna BC: Detailed, scientific information about BC Bats.


Life of a Greater Horseshoe Bat (48 minutes). Beautiful French documentary about life for a Horseshoe Bat colony by the Camargue in southern France. Subtitles available.

Greater Horseshoe Bats in HD Thermal Infrared (9 minutes). Wonderful thermal imaging of a colony inside and outside a historic roost in the UK. See bats flying through the forest in infrared!

Dave’s Gabriola Bat Box (5 mins) Bats emerging from a rocket box at dusk on Gabriola Island.

Bats and Bridges: (1 hour:14 minutes) Webinar on using guano sampling for species inventories and Pd (White Nose Syndrome) surveillance.

Meet the Bats of BC with Dr.Cori Lausen: (Length 1hour: 52minutes) Everything you always wanted to know, and more about the Bats of BC, as part of the Wetlands Institute Speaker Series 2021.

White Nose Syndrome WNS: (Length 5.5 minutes) A team of US scientists explores a cave hibernacula to determine if WNS has affected the bats there. In a controlled study, they have treated a number of the inhabitants with a medication which they hope will prevent or discourage the spread of the disease.

The Goldilocks Approach to Bat Houses: (Length 15 minutes: 35 seconds), Join Dr. Cori Lausen as she outlines the need and best practices and tips for successful bat house locations.

Roosts for Tomorrow – Putting Bat Boxes into Context: (length 1 hour) A detailed exploration of Why, When Where and how we can and must mitigate habitat loss with Dr. Cori Lausen.

Bat Song for Kids: Animated, cute song all about bats.

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