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5684 Beach Ave, Peachland, BC


Our partners, Okanagan Bats need assistance to track the arrival and health of returning bats. 

Please see below and contact BEEPS: or 250 767 2143.

Hello bat roost owners, stewards, and counters;

The sun is shining, the snow is melting,  and hopefully, the bats are stretching their wings, getting ready to come out and play.  /\/^..^\/\

We need your help!  Report your bats: Arrival dates in spring are needed.  

Mark your calendars.  Please check your roost every two weeks starting now and report the date you first notice bats at your roost site. Because white-nose syndrome may cause early emergence from hibernation, this can help us track disease spread. Once bats are back, monitor regularly for dead bats and report any carcasses. Please call BEEPS 250 767 2143 or email

We will forward all findings to 

Ella Braden and Paula Rodriguez de la Vega

Okanagan Region Coordinators, BC Community Bat Program

Toll free: 1-855-922-BATS (2287) ext.13

Help us detect white-nose syndrome in B.C.  Please report dead bats and unusual bat activity in winter.  Call our toll free line:  1.855.922.2287, ext.13.  For more information see

Post Author: Dagmar White