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5684 Beach Ave, Peachland, BC

Come out and help us spot baby bats! Pups are typically born during June and early July, and so far our count has reached over 1300 flying bats. There may still be a few more pups trying for a first outing from the roost. Some pups may still be hitched to their moms as they learn how to fly and forage for food and water, while others are learning how to fly solo. Many Mama Bats are now able to forage for food with their pups, and the Grandmas stay behind to babysit any stragglers. Please bring a lawn chair and join in the fun at 8:30 PM on the rainbow sidewalk, in front of the yellow Peachland Historic School, right across from Swim Bay on Beach Avenue. Become a citizen scientist, learn cool stuff and have fun! Watch video. Credit: The Peachland Phoenix

Post Author: Dagmar White